Interfacing a relay for an AC LAMP using Ezlogic Desktop app:

Note that before moving to add any device a new device should be added and which should be accessible from Vera mobile app.

Also note that for this example purpose we will be adding the Relay under EzloPi serial 100004031.

Device addition will be started with the button Add device in the UI as above. From the dropdown shown at 2 select LED at the moment since LED option can be used for toggling the GPIO which works for triggering the relay.

Select Output pin for LED, in this example GPIO 2 has been selected. GPIO 2 at output means RELAY is expected to be connected at GPIO2 of ESP32 and the same pin will be controlled via Vera mobile app. The button can either be enabled or disabled. Upon enabling the button user will have extra control facility with a button connected at GPIO5.

After a LED has been configured and pressed the Apply button we get this device added at the list.

After it, we write this GPIO configuration to the ESP32 (EzloPi) device connected to the PC with pressing Set Config Button and after the configuration update has been written we will get the success message as:

Note: After configurations has been set/updated to the device please reboot the ESP32 device.

Now the relay has been added and it will automatically be updated in the device with the ID we registered as following the section 6 of user manual titled as “Interfacing a device” and can be visible in the app as a LAMP as shown below on device dashboard of the app. Note again the device ID in this example is 100004031.

Before that let us move forward knowing about the app.