EzloPi is the best Open Source
IoT Development Platform

With EzloPi you can turn ESP boards into a Smart Boards with full Cloud and Mobile app capabilities with full Dashboard and Automation.

Any hardware developer can easily turn their devices to be a smart device with our Open source EzloPi.

  • Full Cloud Support
  • Full Mobile App support
  • Full Web Portal capability
  • Open Source Firmware…

Its as simple as configure your GPIO press the button, now your device becomes smart by using any standard cheap boards available.

Hardware developers can now turn their devices to be smart devices at no cost!

Start the journey in IoT development
Open Source IoT Development

We provide full-blown IoT Firmware source code (open source) and no-code configuration platform so that you don’t have to write any code.

Auto pairing and activation of your IoT device on the platform without any configuration with ezStart.

Open Source firmware
No-Code Product Development
Connect to Cloud and 3rd party Services
  • Sophisticated configurable automation engine on cloud (Meshbots)
  • Ready to integrate 3rd party cloud services
Local Connection whereever possible

Ability for IoT to communicate locally with mobile applications or gateways

Mobile ready

Fully customizable mobile apps.

Visualize device or application interface

Create custom representation of your device with tile designs.

Ability to embed your tile design into firmware.

Create Full screen designs for your complete application.

Downloadable Hub

Docker based , easy to deploy smart hub, fully integrated and compatible with any device

Go check Ezlo softhub capabilities!

Image recognition and AI features

Softhub + CCTV and AI capabilities

Go check Ezlo softhub + CCTV + AI capabilities!

Easy Access Web Interface

White Labellable and customizable web interface to access all features of smart hub.

Access EZLogic and fully control your device with sophisticated automation and visualization capabilities

Need additional help?

From initial setup to expanding your system, Ezlo will help every step of the way.