Build better IoT. Do it your way.

EzloPi is your new connectivity solution, compatible with existing designs and offered at zero cost to manufacturers.

5 Reasons to Make the EzloPi Switch

The better IoT solution, absolutely free to manufacturers

EzloPi was created to offer manufacturers a better solution for their smart devices. Offered completely free to our manufacturing partners, we provide access to an advanced smart home automation platform, seamless compatibility with competitor chips, and a U.S./E.U. cloud infrastructure, all with the option to be branded behind your company logo and colors.

Pin compatibility with your existing IoT solution

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U.S./E.U. cloud-based infrastructure

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Local and cloud based Automations

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Bluetooth onboarding feature

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Full smart home automation included

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1. Pin-to-Pin Compatible; No Hardware Design Changes

EzloPi provides ESP and BK-compatible chips, keeping migration simple. No redesign required. We provide Open Source PCB, so you can source your own module components or you can build it yourself with our Gerber files.

2. Offering a U.S./E.U. cloud infrastructure

EzloPi cloud infrastructure is ONLY based in the USA and Europe, with a focus on data privacy. Our cloud infrastructure is backed by Ezlo, a U.S. company.

3. Local and cloud based Automations

Using automation commands we call MeshBots, you can customize the interactions between local devices, cloud services, and applications. EzloPi’s smart home platform runs everything it can locally, reducing your need to reach the cloud, when appropriate.

4. Onboard and control without the need for Wi-Fi

Utilizing our Bluetooth feature, you can onboard customer devices without using Wi-Fi and utilize the full power of our smart home automation instantly by running devices and automation locally. Seamlessly add cloud support later with access to the Internet.

5. Full smart home automation at no additional cost

With EzloPi, you can now integrate the power of our MiOS platform directly into your hardware. MiOS is the only OS designed specifically for property. It allows your customers to connect any smart device or cloud service and automate them in unique and complex ways via a branded web or mobile app. With EzloPi you can bring the power of smart home automation to any of your devices.

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Putting your customer’s brand first

EzloPi’s MiOS platform can be fully branded with your customer’s logo and brand colors, across the customer-facing web and mobile apps.

No matter the size of your company, Ezlo is committed to putting your company first.

Rapidly expanding sensor integrations

Sensor Compatibility

Our Ecosystem at a Glance

Make The Better IoT Switch, for Free

Our Pin-to-Pin compatible boards allow manufacturers to upgrade their smart devices easily. Take advantage of EzloPi’s free, Open Source firmware and U.S. cloud infrastructure, at no-cost, and start providing advanced smart home automation today.

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