Keypad Door Lock - Introduction

Security has been a significant concern for everyone, including residential and commercial places. In today’s generation, people look for enhanced security equipped with smart technology for better protection. With the rising demand, many advanced security equipment was developed. Do you know which is currently in the limelight? It is the Keypad Door Lock. This keyless technology has already become a popular option for the safety-concerned citizen.

Keypad Door Lock

Keypad or keyless door locks are code locks that are widely used everywhere. The user must enter a numeric code instead of using a key to open the door. When you enter the correct code or sequence, it releases the deadbolt and automatically gets locked when the door is closed. This innovation has become a safeguard for large commercial places and residential properties.

In this article, let’s focus in on the keypad door locks in detail.

History and Growing Trends of Keyless Locks

The earliest version of a digital lock was invented in 1873 by James Sargent. Later, Tor Sørnes, in 1976, developed the world’s first mechanical card lock. The Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta used these mechanical card locks. After the success, different electronic locks were developed. The keyless locking system has now evolved and is widely used by the hospitality industry.

The digital door lock system market size is projected to reach USD 3854.1 million in 2028, at a CAGR of 17.2%. Smart home integration is the latest trend driving the market’s growth.

Keypad Door Lock Offers High Security

With a keypad door lock, you will experience the highest level of security that can never be compromised. These door locks have an exceptional hardware design compared to other types; they are structured to offer best-in-class protection. Moreover, it comes with added features such as built-in alarms. Hence, it keeps the building more secure than ever.

Do you frequently lose keys? You will get rid of this hassle with this smart system. However, you must know how to change the code on the keypad door lock. Following the user manual, you can easily change out the lock. It is easy to change the security pin code whenever you want.

Keypad Door Locks Come with High Durability and Convenience

Keypad door locks are much more durable compared to traditional locks. The traditional keys and locks will wear out over time. Further, it becomes difficult to rotate and function. In contrast, high-quality keypad locks will last a long time. It does not have cylinder mechanisms, so it cannot be bumped or picked.

Another significant advantage is convenience. You will get rid of carrying several keys. Also, if you are looking for how to reset the keypad door lock, you can easily do it by following the manual.

Major Considerations Before Investing in Keypad Door Lock

  • Maintenance

Every keypad door lock is different. You must follow the manual for your lock to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Periodic checkups are necessary for electronic locks. Also, you should be aware of the battery’s charge level. If you want to change the battery on the keypad door lock, avoid the DIY method and consult an expert.

  • Installation

One of the major reasons to consider is installation. There is no doubt that keyless door lock installation is easy. However, professional installation is important for electronic locks, especially if it is a smart integration. To avoid configuration errors, you must ensure the lock is installed correctly.

  • User Friendliness

Make sure the commercial keypad door lock is user-friendly for all the members. It will be helpful to go with a backlit keypad to operate easily. Before planning for advanced features such as one-time access codes, entry/exit log review, etc, ensure it is suitable for the ones who frequently need access.

User tips for Keypad Door Lock

  • Ensure the front door is aligned correctly with the door’s frame while installing the keypad lock.
  • Check the keypad size and decide on the designated area to install it.
  • After entering the correct code, ensure the lock mechanism is automatically engaged.
  • Remember to verify and double-check the lock configuration and engagement.

Real-Life Situations and the Usefulness of Keypad Door Locks

  • Forgot to Lock the Door? Keypad Locks are the Savior

The modern-day keypad locks come with a smartphone lock and unlock facility. So, it is incredible to own an electronic door lock that automatically opens the door once you are out. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about how to lock the keypad door from the outside.

  • No Hassles of Losing Keys

Most people need help with losing keys. It is the worst during an emergency. With a keypad door lock, you will never encounter a trouble situation. And you don’t have to run to a locksmith to unlock the door.

Success Story of SALTO Systems

SALTO System’s SVN-Flex upgraded innovative electronic locking technology has enhanced the guest experience in various industrial sectors.

SALTO has introduced its new electronic lock technology – SVN-Flex and has brought guest and employee credential updates to the ultimate point of access control at the door. Its latest impressive technological feature greatly benefits various industrial sectors such as hotel management, security, IT, and maintenance by improving guest and customer employee experience.

FAQs on Keypad Door Locks

On what door types can I use keypad door locks?

Keypad door locks can be on every door type, such as internal or external. It is mainly chosen for mortise, rim, and cross-bore fittings.

Will the keypad door lock automatically lock the door once I am out?

When you leave the house, a keypad door lock will automatically lock behind you.

How long will my keypad door lock work?

The keypad door locks usually last up to three to five years.

Myths Vs. Facts

Myth #1: Keypad locks fail during power outages.

Fact #1: They are battery-powered and don’t fail during power outages.

Myth #2: Keypad locks are not durable compared to traditional locks.

Fact #2: Keypad door locks are more durable than traditional locks.

Comparison of Keypad Door Locks with Key Cards

To enter the door, Keypad door locks come with their code, such as a passcode or keyword. You just need to press and enter the correct sequence. But, you need a programmable plastic card to scan or swipe for key card door entry. Both the keyless technology is known for ease of use and convenience. However, the cards could be stolen or lost. Moreover, the card system lacks central or remote management options. This is where the Keypad Door Lock wins.


Whether you are concerned about your home or business place security, the ultimate solution will be the keypad door locks. With great convenience and easy operation, it will be an excellent investment for your property’s safety. Make sure you get the one that suits your security needs.