Set Up MiOS Account

1. To create an account on Ezlopi, visit

2. On the main window, click Sign Up.

3. When creating a new account, Enter a username of your choice along with the email address on which you will receive the email.

  • Choose a password for the account, then click Sign Up.
  • You will receive instructions on the email you entered after signing up for your account.

4. This window will open, click back to login.

5. A new window will open for the End User License Agreement. After carefully reading the agreement, tick the mark on the check box “I have read and agree to the end user license agreement”.
Now click Next.

6. Again, a new window will open to display the Privacy Policy. Tick the “I have read and agree to the privacy policy” checkbox. Click Next.

7. A consent window will appear for collecting data to enhance user experience about Ezlo apps and services along with emails regarding marketing news, recommendations, and offers.  You may opt out of receiving marketing emails. After selecting the desired checkboxes, Click Save.

This will lead you to the MiOS dashboard with the new account you just created